How To Let Awning Out On R.V.

Smart R.V. owners learn how to let the awning out on an R.V. before hitting the road for the first trip. An awning is a great addition to any R.V. and many R.V.s come standard with one. The awnings store tightly against the body of the R.V. when traveling on the road. Letting the awning out on the R.V. is one of the setup jobs when making camp.

To let the awning out on an R.V., you need:

  • awning pull rod
  1. Find the locking knobs on the front and rear awning support poles. These are the travel locks and they keep the awning secure while on the road. Unscrew them to disengage.
  2. Use the awning pull rod to flip the down/up lever on the end of the awning. If you don't move the lever to the down position, it will not unroll.
  3. Put the end of the pull rod into the loop of the pull down strap. Pull the awning all the way out.
  4. Glide the tension arms out until they click in position on each support pole.
  5. Tighten the locking knobs, which were loosened in the first step. You may want to pull on the pull down strap while doing this to make the awning fabric tight.
  6. Lift the handle on each pole and select a position, one at a time. There are holes in the pole which the handle pin fits into. Count how many holes you have below the handle on the first pole and then go either one more or less on the other pole to create a slope to the awning so water will run off during rain.



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