How To Let A Girl Know You Like Her

Do you know how to let a girl know you like her? This act is the doorway to dating and relationships with women. If you never let that sexy chick know how you feel, you might spend quite a few nights by yourself. Women can't read minds, so step up to the plate and tell her how you feel.

  1. Approach her. When you want to let a girl know you like her, take the initiative. Approach her, introduce yourself and spend time getting to know her. The truth is, until you have some time together alone, your idea of her may change. If you don't know a girl at all or don't know her well, make the first introduction but leave any conclusions at the door until you've had time to chat.
  2. Ask her out. If you already know the girl but have waited to let her know you like her, ask her out. When you ask a girl out, she's sure to know that you are interested. The thing is, once you are out on the date, you can tell her that you've admired her for awhile and want to see how dating would work out. Hopefully the girl is also interested in you, too. This makes the process of letting a girl know you like her much easier.
  3. Do nice things. So you've been dating a girl for a few weeks and you're really digging her. How do you let her know how much you like her? Do nice things. Continue to ask her out on dates but don't pressure her for a relationship. You could send her flowers (most women enjoy this) or purchase a little present you know she likes. Surprise her with the gift when you're together. Don't come on too strong when you let a girl know you like her as this can be perceived as neediness. Take it slow, but be sure to show her how much you like being with her.
  4. Tell her. If you've got a good thing going on with the girl of your dreams, the easiest and most honest way to let a girl know you like her is by saying so. Be forthright. Come out and say, "I like you." The most effective approach is to look into her eyes when you say it. Pick the right time to let her know you like her. (For example, you don't want to blurt out your feelings while she's on the phone with her mother.) Choose a time when you're alone. After all, you want to hear her response and she's more likely to respond favorably if she doesn't feel pressured.
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