How To Let Single Gay Men Down Politely

If you need to know how to let single gay men down politely, employ eloquence. When single gay men display personal interests towards other men of the same sexual orientation, a favorable or reluctant reception will occur. While mutual attraction is the optimal outcome for single gay men in pursuit of companionship, declines to pursue from apparently appropriate and eligible males create awkward situations.  For whatever reasons those men who choose to decline the pursuing men may have, politeness in refusal must prevail. Acquiring eloquence in closure to invitations by single gay men is the solution. Discover and apply, as necessary, the eloquent options that will let single gay men down in a polite fashion.

  1. Become familiar in how eloquence lets single gay men down politely. In speaking, eloquence can definitely have a flow of force and persuasion, while conveying elegance. Eloquence displays extreme grace upon communicating, particularly when having to politely let a single gay suitor down. To combine artistic qualities, along with projecting a persuasive tone, delivers eloquent speech.
  2. Determine the reasons for having to let particular single gay men down. Reasons for letting any single gay man down do not require justification. Such reasons surface from personal choices, and demonstrate feelings which rightfully belong to that person. Whether conscious or subconscious, if a single gay man’s desire to pursue any type of personal relationship does not feel right—regardless of the reason—then to let him down is best.
  3. Discover an approach in letting single gay men down effectively. While it may not be necessarily to let all single gay men down, a choice in manner for how to let those men that are not appealing down will be unique and pertinent. Such uniqueness and pertinence is necessary to each situation of letting a single gay man down, as the circumstances for the decline accept an offer to pursue, will have certain differences. The personal approach for letting any gay man of single status down will arise from each particular circumstance and difference.  
  4. Consider the feelings of single gay men that seek out various forms of relationships. As each single gay man possesses his own unique characteristics, these men also vary amid their personal preferences for a relationship. While some single gay men search for long term relationships, others may prefer a more casual relationship, or even situations with no strings attached. Regardless of the relationship or situation that any single gay man proposes, view his offer, at its least, as a compliment in choice. Although advances from some single gay men are neither of appreciation or welcome, to let them down can be done with a direct acknowledgement that displays courtesy and politeness. Refrain from letting any gay suitor down with rejections that may address his appearance, character, or personality.
  5. Draw from a lack of commonalities in the single gay men that fail to demonstrate enough appeal for interest. A lacking in commonalities between those single gay men for whom there is no attraction are the resources. It will be from these resources that letting down such gay men shall surface. Examples for such resourcefulness can include schedules, school or work commitments, family obligations, emotional circumstances, and pointed interests that may consume free time. Personal feelings about single gay men that suggest interest in a form of relationship can fit into one or another similar resource for the purposes of decline.
  6. Use eloquent language to let down single gay men. Eloquent speech does not require complex or special words. To speak eloquently demonstrates strong emotions that contain an effective choice towards those necessary words and phrases for use in situations of letting single gay men down. In speaking, eloquence is to effectively project speech that is appropriate to the circumstance, while being convincing, and persuasive. Although forcible, speaking eloquently will best interpret and communicate the message of let down to such gay men politely.
  7. Gracefully let down single gay men through an eloquent exit to pursuit. An approach and a lack in commonality support giving single gay male suitors the exit towards further pursuing. Eloquence, through carefully thought out words, shows politeness.
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