How To Levitate A Beer Bottle

By following a few easy steps, you can learn how to levitate a beer bottle. While this step appears to be a difficult magic trick, it is actually one of the easiest around. Just make sure not to tell anyone the secret of how you did it.

  1. Build excitement. Chat with the audience, explaining how recently you discovered your ability to levitate certain household items. Tell them that while you are still learning how to perfect this skill, you are getting stronger and stronger every time you do it.
  2. Find an empty beer bottle. Make sure it is empty, and bring it to the corner of the room.  Press the bottle firmly into the corner of the room, checking to make sure that the sides are pressed as firmly as possible against the wall.
  3. Quickly rub the bottle up and down against the sides of the corner. Be sure to use very small strokes when doing this–in fact, the shorter the strokes, the better. Eventually, friction will kick in, causing the bottle to move less and less.
  4. When you are no longer able to move the bottle in either direction against the walls, gently remove your hands. The bottle is levitating.
  5. Don't do this trick more than once–you don't want people to begin to figure out the secret behind the trick. Instead, simply restate the fact that this is a new development you have recently noticed, and are trying hard to perfect it. You'll be the hit of the party.
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