How Levitra Works

While erectile dysfunction affects up to 30 million men in America, learning how Levitra works can help remedy this problem in the bedroom. Since the advent of Viagra, the first ED medication approved by the FDA, the stigma associated with erectile dysfunction has dissipated. Any man should feel comfortable enough to schedule an appointment with his doctor about treatments for ED. Knowing a little about how Levitra works will answer some questions before such a visit.

An erection begins to occur when neurons in the brain send commands for chemicals in the penis to be released that allow the penis to relax. Once the muscles are not constricted, blood flows into the penis allowing for an erection. The erection disappears when a different chemical (called phosphodiesterase type 5 [PDE5]) breaks down the initial relaxation chemicals. This once again makes the penis constrict and prevents blood flow.

Levitra works by blocking the release of PDE5, which is what causes the penis to constrict and prevents blood flow and allows for an erection to be maintained for a longer amount of time. There may still be some confusion as to how Levitra works for those who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Levitra does not independently cause an erection. It simply allows for an erection to occur more easily in the chemical sense by preventing constriction of blood vessels. There still remains the need for sexual stimulation. Another misconception about how Levitra works is the amount of time needed for effectiveness. Levitra does not work immediately but instead takes up to an hour for best results. Eating large portions of fatty foods and consuming alcohol may affect how how long it takes for Levitra to work.


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