How To Lick Nipples

Since most women and many men enjoy nipple play, it is important to know how to lick nipples. If you want to explore your partner's breasts with your tongue, you'll need to know to the proper technique. When you learn exactly how to lick nipples, you will be able to give your partner and entire new level of sexual pleasure. If you are a man who wants your partner to lick your nipples, simply ask her to use the techniques below.

Things you'll need:

  • Willing partner
  1. Start by warming up your partner's chest by caressing and massaging her breasts. Kiss her while you make circles around her nipples with your fingertips. Alternate between strong massaging movements and soft strokes. Lightly pinch her nipples between your thumb and forefinger.
  2. Kiss her starting from her lips to her neck and move slowly down to her breasts. Firmly lick the nipple and areola of her breast in a circular motion. Massage one breast as you are licking the other. Alternate breasts every 30 seconds or so.
  3. Suck on her nipples rhythmically in addition to licking them. Once you have licked and sucked on her nipples long enough to warm her up, lightly use your teeth to nibble on them. She may or may not like this, depending on her pain tolerance.
  4. Incorporate other movements when you feel you can successfully lick nipples. Use your free hands to stimulate her in other areas while you use your mouth on her nipples.
  5. Teach your partner how to lick nipples so you both can experience this exciting form of stimulation. Once you learn how to lick nipples, it is possible to make your partner orgasm from simply stimulating these sensitive areas.
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