How To Lick A Vagina

There are many reasons a partner would want to know how to lick a vagina. Most women will reach their orgasm faster when their vagina is licked in foreplay. A partner's desire to please their mate is common, but practice makes perfect and instructions help even more.

  1. Prepare yourself and your partner. Every woman is different, so you may need to get her in the mood before licking her vagina. If she is relaxed, the stimulation will be received better. While you focus on other areas, make quick and gentle touches to the vaginal area; you can get an idea of how ready she is for you to lick her vagina.
  2. Look for signs. When a woman spreads open her legs, she is ready for you to focus on her vagina.
  3. Start out being gentle. The vagina is very sensitive area; start with a few soft kisses to make her tingle.
  4. Use your hands. You will need to use your hands to open the outer vaginal lips with your fingers until you are good enough to open them with your tongue.
  5. Relax your tongue and jaw. You need to relax your tongue and jaw when licking a vagina. Tense motions with the tongue or accidental teeth action can make oral sex uncomfortable.
  6. Simple licking. Lay your tongue on her gently before starting to lick her vagina. This will give her a preview of how your tongue feels on her vagina. Lick in from the bottom of the vagina up toward the clitoris.
  7. Trace the vagina. Use your tongue to lick the opening of the vagina. This is where most of her nerve endings are and you want them excited.
  8. Tongue intercourse. Most women like it when your insert your tongue into the vagina. This is tongue intercourse. Insert your tongue and move it rapidly inside the vagina. Continue to lick her vagina until she wants to move to another activities or she has an orgasm.
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