How To Lick A Woman

Being a great lover requires expert knowledge in how to lick a woman. Guys love oral sex, so it should be no secret that women also like to be pleased with a tongue and a mouth. If you want to ensure that a woman keeps coming to you for more and more, you’ll take the time to become an expert at going down town.

  1. Start slow.  A woman’s clitoris is a delicate bud that can’t be attacked without some previous stimulation.  Obviously, you should spend considerable time in foreplay so that your partner is raring and ready to go.  To properly lick a woman, before diving right in for your snack, take the time to kiss you way up each of her thighs, stopping to nibble and lick, letting the anticipation build. Once you think she’s ready, lightly flick your tongue across her clitoris to tease her a bit and test her readiness. After you’ve slowly and gently spent some time warming it up, you’ll be ready to take her to the next level.
  2. Respond to her movements.  A woman’s genital area is very sensitive and as you work your tongue around you may be overdoing it a bit, causing irritation where you intend to bring pleasure. Your partner will let you know via her physical responses—not to mention moans and screams—when you should ease up on what you’re doing or do whatever it is you’re doing harder and faster. To know how to best lick a woman, pay attention to the movements of her hips, the grinding of her crotch, and respond as appropriate.
  3. Alternate between clitoris and vagina. Very few women—despite what porn movies would have you believe—climax from vaginal stimulation alone. That does not mean, however, that woman do not like the feel of you hot and wet tongue sliding inside of them. After you spend some time working on her clit, move yourself down so that your tongue is working on her labia, then finally moving inside of her. To perfectly lick a woman, alternate between these two activities and she will be squirming and begging you to bring her the whole way home.
  4. Don’t let your fingers be idle. Similarly, women enjoy being probed and penetrated while receiving oral. To lick a woman well, you should gently let a finger or two explore her opening as you lick her clit, slowly sliding in and out, simulating the penetration of a penis. Remember, the most sensitive nerve area on this part of her boy is at the opening and just inside…you don’t need to stick your hand in as far is it will go. Simply caress her lips and opening as you work on her clit and you’ll be amazed at how she responds.
  5. Gauge her climax. Some women reach a blindingly powerful orgasm and then are done for awhile, while others have a series of smaller climaxes. To properly lick a woman, you should have an idea of your particular partner’s orgasm going in. If you’re with a woman who is one-and-done, you need to be careful that you don’t continue with presser on her clit for too long, similar as to how after you’ve shot you’re load you are very sensitive to stimulation. As she climaxes, slow your pace to make it last as long as possible. For multi-orgasmic girls, slow down a bit as they come down from one orgasm, but then immediately start back in to get the next one up and ready.
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