How To Lie To Women And Not Feel Bad About It


Figuring out how to lie to the fairer sex effectively means you have to dig deep down into the douche bag part of your being. Figuring out how to lie to women and not feel bad about it means tapping into that selfish side of your brain, which coincidentally is tied directly to your douche bag area. Lying to someone, in general, means you don't have the basic level of respect with them to be truthful. In this case, lying to women… in order to hook up, juggle, or just generally mistreat them in some way means using your little head coupled with that douche bag area and a certain level of selfishness to accomplish your goal.

Become self centered. People lie when they want a certain outcome to happen, but they can't figure out how to achieve that goal without deceiving others. They are so selfish, that they don't care about who they have to step on to get there. The only reason guys lie to women is because they want to bed said women. These guys don't care what they have to say, or how deceitful they have to be. The needs and wants and overall well being of the woman has absolutely no meaning to a lying man. You need to be the same way. All that matters is what you want. Keep telling yourself this until you believe it.

Objectification. No time to realize that women are flesh and blood human beings. You don't want to get to know her for the person she is, you want her because she's Asian, or she's black, or because her boobs are huge. Acting like they're items will make it easier to see past the fact that women are just like you, human. If you need any help, there are tons of magazines, videos, and internet sites created simply for the purpose of the objectification and dehumanization of women. Do some studying.

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Lying. This is what you need to know about lying. Women are natural born detectives. You're going to have to really cover your tracks once you start passing fibs off as the truth. One slip up and your cover will be blown. Women are smarter, more quick witted, and just generally better at deceiving guys than vice versa simply because men make stupid mistakes. If you're going to lie, you'd better cover all your bases. Make it into a game. How many chicks can I lie to before I get caught? This should keep you entertained until you inevitably get caught.

Practice. This is probably the most important part of your training. Lying and feeling no remorse won't happen over night. After all, you are human. That thing called morals will sting you for a while. The only way to numb the pain of lying is to, well, keep lying. Keep being self-centered. Then one day you'll wake up and not feel a thing. Keep at it, friends. One day your inner douche bag will completely take over. Good luck.

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