How To Lighten Color Of Dark Jeans

The new craze in jeans is light colored or stone washed jeans that can cost a fortune, but, if you know how to lighten the color of dark jeans, you can make these fashion forward pants yourself. Just beware that lightening jeans yourself can be a bit dangerous, as you'll be working with bleach, which will lighten anything it touches. But, if you do decide to make your jeans lighter, you can also decide just how light a color you want so you'll get customized jeans to your taste.

To lighten the color of dark jeans, you will need:

  • A washing machine
  • Clorox bleach
  1. If you want your jeans lightened just half a shade or so, wash the jeans in hot water. Beware, wet jeans appear darker than dry jeans, so dry them before deciding if you like this slightly lightened shade.
  2. If you want your jeans lightened by at least two shades, fill the washing machine with water. Set it on a large load as you want a lot of water.
  3. Add in 1/2 cup of clorox and swirl to mix. Place your jeans in the water and swirl to soak.
  4. Allow your jeans to soak about fifteen minutes before draining the water from the washing machine. 
  5. Set the washing machine to cold.  Wash the jeans without detergent.
  6. Dry the jeans and check the shade. They should be much lighter but, if you prefer them even lighter, simply repeat the process.

Note: bleaching jeans will weaken the fibers so the jeans may not wear as long. Also, use gloves when working with bleach as it's a caustic liquid and will burn your hands.



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