How To Lighten Your BMX Bike

Learning how to lighten your BMX bike can greatly improve your performance in any sort of competition. In the world of BMX, where twist, turn, and flip are not only showing off, but also a necessity, every bit of weight on your BMX bike matters. Less weight would not only make your performance easier, but also saves your energy while you are performing. This article will give you some good ideas on how to lighten your BMX bike.

  1. Remove the unnecessary parts. If you BMX bike still have those plastic or metal front and rear dirt blocker, then by all means please remove them. They may seem insignificant, but they do in fact contribute a lot of weights on your BMX bike. Basically, you want to strip the whole bike to a bare bone state.
  2. Choose the lighter material. Steel frame is a lot heavier than aluminum alloy frame. Plastic petals are much lighter than metal petals. The basic idea here is that if you can afford the lightest, and then use the lightest material possible. Sometimes, the lighter material might be even cheaper than the heavier ones. Typically speak, titanium seems like the best material to lighten your BMX bike.
  3. Wheels do matter. Choose the lighter 36-hole wheel instead of the 48-hole wheel. It is much lighter in weight, and it does not break as easily as the 48-hole wheel.
  4. Get rid of the little things. Yes, little things do matter in lightening your BMX bike. Some parts that seems extra to you can be sawed off, while others can be removed. That includes all the unnecessary screws, caps, washer, etc…
  5. Lightening your frames. When possible, drill small holes in certain part of main frame may also help to reduce the weight.

Tip: Do not eliminate any essential components of main frame or weaken at connectors on the main frame. Remember, safety comes first.

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