How to Line a Soccer Field

Are you looking to play soccer but are unfamiliar with how to line a soccer field? The lines on the soccer field are one of the most important elements of the game of soccer, as they provide structure and boundaries that allow the game to be played properly. Without a properly lined soccer field it is hard to tell when the ball is kicked out and an cause frustration for fans and players. Following these steps will help in making a soccer field properly lined. 

Equipment needed:

  • a measuring tool such as yard stick or tape measure
  • paint machine for making lines
  • lime powder or paint that is specifically for outdoor use
  • small wooden stakes
  • wire or yarn
  1. Mow the lawn. A freshly mown lawn will show up the paint that is being used better then a longer grassed field. The markings of the field will also last longer if the paint is put on when the lawn was mown. 
  2. Measure out the length of the field. Use a measuring tool to measure out the first length of the square field. The length of the field should be between 100-130 yards. The exact length will depend upon what the age group of the players are and if it is a national or international game. Place a stake at the middle of the length to mark where the center field line will run. 
  3. Place stakes at the beginning and end of the measurements. The stakes will serve as markers to the measurement of the field. While painting it will allow for the start and stop points for the paint. 
  4. Run yarn or wire from stake to stake. By running a yarn from stake to stake it will give a guide for the paint machine or person spray painting the field. Make sure while running the wire or yarn that it is pulled tightly from stake to stake. If the yarn or wire isn't taught then the lines of the field might not be straight. 
  5. Mark the field lines. If a field is being marked with powder then spread it over the line of wire. If there is spray paint, the painter can paint directly over the wire. A paint machine is the fastest and most accurate way to paint the lines. Simply load the paint and run the machine over the yarn slowly. Try to move as smoothly as possible to make the lines even. 
  6. Mark the width of the field. Repeat steps 2 through 5 this time marking the width of the field. The width of the field will range from 50-100 yards. 
  7. Mark the second length line. Again repeat steps 2 through 5 to completely the square field. 
  8. Measure and paint the goal box. While waiting for the field paint to dry, measure and paint out the goal box. Use the same techniques as steps 2-5. The goal box will measure at 6 yards by 6 yds. from the goal posts. 
  9. Mark out and paint the middle field line. Run a wire from the middle stakes that are on the length of the field. This is the line that will mark out the middle of the field. Paint the field using the steps listed above. 
  10. Repaint the field a second time. After the paint has dried the soccer field will need a second coat of paint. This allows the line to be more visible to fans and players since the second coat will make the lines thicker and brighter. Since the lines are already on the field just run the paint machine over the existing lines, there is no need to re-stake the whole field or re-measure everything. 
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