How To Link Turns In Snowboarding

Learning how to link turns in snowboarding is one of the most important steps in learning how to snowboard successfully. For a beginner snowboarder, learning how to link turns can seem like a daunting task, and many of the early falls beginner snowboarders suffer are a direct result of failing to link turns and master edge-to-edge transitions.

  1. You should already be familiar with going downhill, as well as toeside and heelside turns. Linking turns is merely a combination of these three skills. As you go downhill, be sure to lean forward and keep your weight on your front foot. It is impossible to link turns in snowboarding if your weight is not properly distributed.
  2. Perform a simple heelside turn first. Rotate your shoulders and look backwards, over your leading shoulder, uphill. Your shoulders will follow your head and your head will follow your shoulders. You should now be on your heelside edge, cutting across the hill.
  3. To link turns in snowboarding you must be able to transfer weight and momentum from one edge to the other. If you feel you are moving too fast, apply pressure to your heel edge under the back foot.
  4. Rotate your shoulders back downhill towards your toe edge. Remember, your body will follow your eyes and shoulder. As the board turns downhill it should lie flat. This is where you must transition onto the toe edge.
  5. Place your weight on your toe side edge and lean into the hill along your toeside edge. Your shoulders should be facing the opposite direction that they were facing during the heelside turn. If this transition is done correctly, you will feel a slight twist in the board under your feet. Continue this process downhill and you will be able to successfully link turns in snowboarding.



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