How To Live At The Beach

If you know how to live at the beach, you can live there on are reasonable budget and save money while having a good time. When you live at the beach, entertainment is plentiful, including both free activities and ones that you have to pay for.  Restaurants can be expensive during tourist season, but there are some tips and tricks you can use to limit your food costs as well as other expenses while living at the beach.

  1. Choose accommodations to live in when you live at the beach. To reduce your costs, share a house with several other people. This will allow you to split the rent, reducing your expenses.  Choose a location that is away from the most popular tourist locations in town, as these tend to have higher rents.  Finding a place to stay that is close to where you work at the beach can save you money in transportation costs and time, remember during tourist season traffic can be very heavy on main roads.
  2. Look for bargains on meals when you live at the beach. Restaurants frequently have specials during the week. If you are going to dine out while living at the beach, take advantage of these. They are commonly offered during happy hours from 4 pm until 7 pm as well as late night specials after 10 pm.  Purchase discount coupon books to save money on meals. If you are shopping for groceries, drive a few miles out of the beach resort to find a grocery store, prices outside of the beach town can be much cheaper than the ones in town that raise prices to take advantage of tourists.
  3. Participate in sports or hobbies that consume your time but cost only a small amount of money.  These activities could include learning to surf, or joining a volleyball league.  Social groups frequently form at local bars and include games such as Cornhole, bocce ball, or horseshoes when you live at the beach. Participating in these activities allow you to spend time doing something you enjoy while limiting your expenses.
  4. Enjoy your location when you live at the beach. Not everyone has the opportunity to live at the beach. Enjoy  the opportunity that you have. Take advantage of activities you can do that others that don't live at the beach can't. This includes water based activities such as fishing, crabbing, boating, and surfing. Some days it involves just relaxing on the sand, enjoying the scenery.
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