How To Live On A Boat

Interested in knowing how to live on a boat? If you've got an adventurous spirit, you might need to experience living on a boat. It's a lifestyle few try but most who do try it, love it. The freedom of sitting on the deck of a boat and watching the sunrise play over the marina scene is like no other feeling. There are some, however, some modifications to normal life that you do need to know about and embrace in order to successfully live on a boat.

  1. Purchase items which have more than one use. Even a large boat will not have the kitchen storage space that you're used to in a small home galley kitchen. You can kiss that cappuccino maker goodbye and, instead, purchase a good quality coffee machine which also steams milk. Forget about the garlic press; a sharp knife will cut anything you need, including your meat entrees.
  2. Scale down items in size. You most likely won't be able to have a full size microwave so purchase smaller dinner plates from which to serve dinner. Instead of plastic containers for storage of food items, use small zip storage bags which will take up much less room in that little dorm sized refrigerator.
  3. Make clothing count. Forget about that extensive wardrobe, instead, purchase a few good quality items which can be layered for different weather. While you're at it, purchase a few of those storage bags from which you vacuum the air – those bags will be a huge space saver while you live on a boat.
  4. If you're a pet person, consider a cat instead of a dog. Although a small dog can be litter box trained, a cat is much better suited to a life on a boat. Get a floatation device also for each animal while you're out of port.

With a few tips and tricks, you can have the lifestyle of living on a boat while still having some of the amenities of larger surroundings.

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