How To Live In Your Van

Millions of U. S. homes have been lost due to financial and natural disasters, so it may be beneficial to learn how to live in your van. You may have been,or will be affected by the crisis in America today, and this information may be just what keeps you through it. Humans have a few critical needs, which you will need to know in order to live in your van. These needs are:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Shelter

Most vans can only provide the shelter part of this living equation. The van can really only provide a few things to sustain your life. Maintain sleep, get you from place to place, protect you from most environmental hazards. Here are some tips to help keep you living in your van.

  1. Sleep the recommended amount, in places safe and where it is legal to do so.  Try taking short naps in between times for longer periods of sleep.
  2. Store food and water in the van. To eat well, you will want to keep enough food stored in the van to last lengthy periods of time before you get more. Make sure the food that you choose is non perishable, and easy to prepare. Some ideas are energy bars, protein bars, nuts or trail mixes. Find or reuse water bottles and keep them in your van, this will be possibly the most important part of living solely in the van.
  3. Find free water and food to make life easier. Many places give away free water, and even food. When you are not just living in the van, this can make life easier. Water fountains are abundant in many public parks or places. Most restaurants also give out free water. You can live much longer without food than without water. Fill up the water bottles you keep from step two with free water in public or private places. You will also make better decisions and think more clearly with enough water. If you find a places to access the Internet, you may want to look up "free food" in the area you live. Many restaurants will give away small amount of food, or even full course meals on customer appreciation day. Some restaurants will give away free bread with any purchase, or if accompanying anyone else making a purchase.
  4. Stay outside of the van enough. To live inside your van, it's actually best to spend plenty of time outside of the van. Too much time inside the van will make you store weight, lose muscle, and energy. You need to spend time outside of the van circulating your blood though your body, by working out. Working out could just be a nice walk, run, or swim.
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