How to Liven Up a Party

If your party is a little dull it always helps to have a friend that is really crazy; a friend that doesn’t really take life too seriously and will challenge a lot of your guests to chugging contests is really the best type of friend to have around for any situation. Besides, if you have to read an article about how to make a party exciting, you probably have invited too many dull people to your place, so please bear that in mind. If you don’t have a really crazy friend then you will have to rely on yourself to brighten up the mood. Sometimes you have to take heed of the type of people you are with. You don’t want to be with your girlfriend’s snobby friends that were in college honors classes and say “Hey, hit this beer bong. Right now!!” You might create some awkward moments for everyone at your party.

So here are some ideas based on a few groups of people:

The College Partiers: This is probably the easiest group to entertain. If you are at a party with all college students and it gets a little dull, that means you are running out of chicks and booze. And if you notice the number of women dwindling, it most likely means you are running out beer. Which means you should get a keg. A keg will liven up any party and provide fuel for many bad decisions later. Have a great time.

The Indie Crowd: If you happen to be surrounded by the Indie hipster crowd and it gets dull, DON’T PANIC!! That’s how they usually are. But if you are partying with the more Indie Crowd and you are feeling like the vibes are a bit draining, grab some PBR, start some small talk about things you hate in an intellectual fashion, and break out a pack of American Spirits. This should be enough to sustain a decently good time with this group.

The Office Crowd: When you’re at a get together with the office types, keep it simple. Don’t talk too much about each other’s personal lives because it will get weird, and not in a good way. The best thing to do is take out a board game that has a sexual theme to it. A lot of red wine can get the singles in the office to sleep together, giving everyone gossip to fuel their conversations, which will help them make it through another week. Thanks to you, you’ve given them another reason to keep living. Way to go, pal!

The 21st Century Yuppie: If you’re trying to entertain these people, you really should have some money. In order to get their blood flowing, start talking about what luxury vehicle you’re planning on buying or where the summer home is going to be. You can either mention something about expensive vehicles or where they are going to travel next year. That’s about it. Whatever expensive toy they can talk about will always keep them happy. If you can stay within those parameters you’ll be set. The key is to mention anything that has to do with spending money.

The Social Elite: If you are partying with the top of the chain, you really struck gold didn’t you? However, you have to be invited to one of these get-togethers. It might behoove you to have some nice clothes for the occasion. When you feel yourself wanting to fall asleep (which you will) you can entertain them with stories of how you had to do something for yourself, such as change a flat tire. These well-off people always get a kick out of people that have to be independent. You will surely be the life of the party.

So good luck when you find yourself responsible for the excitement at a party, but remember, if you keep looking back at this article for ideas, you really need to get some more exciting friends.

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