How To Load 35mm Film Into Olympus Camera 38-110

Here is how to load 35mm film into an Olympus camera 38-110mm.  Although there are many advantages of having a digital camera do all of the picture taking and the saving photos to a memory card, there are many people who prefer cameras that require film.  There are many reasons why people choose one over the other.  For some, digital cameras are easier to load as opposed to 35mm film cameras.  However, for those who enjoy the perks of film over digital, or for those who want to learn how to load 35mm film into an Olympus camera, read on to find out how.

You will need:

  • Color or black/white 35mm filmThis is needed to take a photograph
  • 2AA Batteries – Used to operate the automatic functions of the camera such as advancing the film and the flash


  1. Before loading a 35mm film Olympus camera 38-110mm, it is important to know the basic components of the camera.  A 35mm film Olympus camera 38-110mm has a small, flat body with a small 38-110mm lens.
  2. Located on the front of this camera there are a lens and flash. On the back of the camera it has a viewfinder and the camera film door or back.
  3. When you open the camera's door, on the inside there are the film chamber, which is where the spool of film is placed, the film take up spool, where the film goes when it is advanced, and the battery compartment cover.
  4. Begin by placing the batteries in the camera's battery compartment. Open the camera's door for loading the 35mm film.
  5. Place the film in the film chamber (the deepest, and largest side which is usually located on the left).  Once in place, pull the exposed film out just enough to latch onto the take up spool. Close the camera's door.


  • Before loading a 35mm film in the Olympus camera 38-110mm, you will need to be in an extremely dim or dark room, away from any harsh light and/or sunlight. Now you are ready to load your Olympus camera.
  • Once the door is closed, the camera will advance the film. You will know, because it will make a winding sound.  Now you are ready to take photographs with a 35mm film in an Olympus camera with the 38-110mm lens!
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