How To Load A Compound Hunting Bow

If you learn how to load a compound hunting bow, you will enhance your hunting skills and various aspects necessary to be a successful hunter. Some of these aspects include speed and accuracy. Compound hunting bows vary in price and can be a perfect addition to any hunter's arsenal. It is important to learn how to properly load a compound hunting bow. If you read on, you will receive the basic information needed to properly load a compound hunting bow.

In order to load a compound hunting bow, you will need:

  • Compound hunting bow
  • Hunting arrow
  1. Examine the bow for any debris or irregularities.  Accidents or severe injury can occur due to irregularities in weapons such as bows or guns. Thoroughly inspect the bow to make sure the strings aren't loose and all grips are present. Also make sure the arrows aren't broken.
  2. Hold the arrow away from objects or people. It is very important to be safe when loading an arrow. Make sure you hold the arrow in the palm of your hand with the bow facing the ground. Examine your surroundings and make sure no one is in front of you or your target.
  3. Place the arrow on the string. Place it on the side of the bow that is closest to your body. Be aware of which way the arrow is pointing.
  4. Place the knock of the arrow on the knocking point.  Then hold the bow shoulder length directly in front of you.
  5. Aim at your target. After aiming, hook the string, pull it back,  and release your fingers from the arrow.
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