How To Load Games From USB Devices On Wii

So you want to load games from a USB device on your Wii rather than having to switch out game discs every time you want to play a new game. Well this article will tell you just how to load games from a USB device on a Wii.

You will need to grab the following items:

  • SD Card (2GB or more)
  • USB Flash Drive or USB external hard drive (4GB or more)
  • Backup ISO of your Wii games
  • Download the software "Homebrew Channel".
  • Download the software "USB loader".
  • Download the software "WBFS manager.

To load games from a USB devices on Wii, follow these steps:

  1. You will need to download the WBFS manager, which you can download from their website. Install the WBFS manager onto your computer
  2. Next, open up the WBFS manager. On the WBFS manager main screen, change your drive to whatever drive your USB drive is on. Click on the dropdown menu to change your drive.
  3. Then, click the "format" button to change your USB drive to become compatible with your Wii.
  4. You can now load the backup ISO's onto your USB drive. On the right side of the main screen, click "Browse" and browse for the ISo you want to load onto the USB drive.
  5. After you have compiled all of the ISO's you want to upload onto the USB drive, click "Add to Drive". You can now safely remove the USB device.
  6. Now load your SD card into the PC. Download the program "Homebrew Channel".
  7. Extract the "Homebrew Channel" to the root of your SD card. Also download a USB Loader.
  8. Create an "app: folder without the quotes, and extract the files onto there.
  9. Now you can plug in both the SD card and the USB drive into your Wii.
  10. Power on your Wii. Click on the "Wii" button on the bottom left screen.
  11. Go to the data management screen and click on "Channels". Now, click on the SD card tab, and there should be a pop up window mentioning the "Boot.dol".
  12. Go ahead and click yes. Follow the onscreen instructions. You should reach a screen that says "Install the Homebrew Channel". 
  13. Press "A" on that option to install the homebrew channel. Now you can exit.
  14. When you get back to the Wii homepage, click on "The Homebrew Channel". There should be a "USB loader" option. Click on the button and it should bring you to a new menu. This menu should list all of your backup Wii games.

There you have it. You can now load games from USB Devices onto your Wii. Happy gaming.

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