How To Load A Pistol Grip Tape Dispenser

Whether you're packing to move or loading boxes for shipping, if you know how to load a pistol grip tape dispenser you'll save yourself a lot of time. Though a little hard to figure out at first, most people get comfortable with loading the dispenser after just one afternoon.

  1. Unwrap the new roll of tape. Confirm that it's the right size and kind for your pistol grip dispenser.
  2. Locate the tab at the end of the tape roll. Fold it down so it sticks out from the rest of the roll.
  3. Set the tape on top of the spool for the tape dispenser. Orient the roll so that if you were to pull on the tab, it would peel away towards the top of the dispenser, away from the pistol grip.
  4. Slide the tape over the spool until the back end touches the inside of the pistol grip handle.
  5. Peel the tab away from the roll of tape, exposing about six inches of tape.
  6. Feed the tape into the roller mechanism at the front of your pistol grip tape dispenser. Most models allow you to do this from the side. You'll be done when the tape is slotted completely in with an inch or two protruding from the front of the gun.
  7. Test your load by sticking the protruding bit of tape to something. Press and pull down to confirm that it feeds right.
  8. Remove the roll and reload if there are any problems. There's not much to troubleshooting a pistol grip tape dispenser. Just start over and try again.



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