How To Locate Saving Bonds Money Entitled To You

Do you need to know how to locate savings bond money entitled to you? If you’ve lost track of a bond, think you might have been named as an owner or co-owner on a bond, or just want to know if there’s any government money you’re entitled to. Because savings bonds are a government-issued financial product, the Treasury Department website provides a way to track your bonds and find any and all savings bond money entitled to you.

  1. As issuer of savings bonds, the U.S. Treasury Department tracks bonds and keeps a database, called Treasury Hunt. The site records bonds that have matured, but have not been cashed. If you believe your savings bond falls into this category you can research it in Treasury Hunt, and claim the money you are entitled to. Treasury Hunt does not identify every savings bond ever issued: only those that were issued after 1974, and have reached maturity.
  2. Another way to find out if your bond has matured and you are entitled to money from it is to visit the TreasuryDirect website. Check the “Treasury Securities that Have Stopped Earning Interest” page. If you are entitled to money from your matured bond, you will find out here.
  3. If you need to locate money entitled to you from a bond that has been destroyed, lost, or stolen, you need to fill out form PD F 1048 and submit. Form PD F 3062-4 can be used for bonds that were not received (undeliverable). In order to submit these forms, you will need to know the name(s) on the bonds, their purchase date, and other pertinent information.

Now that you know how simple it is to locate savings bond money entitled to you, you can track down any money you might have missed out on, or find money you had no idea you were eligible for.



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