How To Lock Blackberry

Owning a Blackberry cell phone is exciting, but do you need to learn how to lock your Blackberry? Does your Blackberry cell phone make accidental cell phone calls? At one time or another, people make accidental calls because their cell phones are not locked. This leads to lost minutes or people you have dialed hearing conversations they should not be aware of. For this reason alone you should learn how to lock your Blackberry. Locking your cell phone is not hard to do and only takes a few seconds to complete. Follow the instructions below to learn how to lock your Blackberry. 

  1. Turn your Blackberry cell phone on. When your home screens appears, select options and select keyboard/screen. Scroll down until you see keyboard lock and click save. Check to ensure your Blackberry cell phone is locked.
  2. Check to see if your Blackberry cell phone is locked by pressing a convenience key. If it does not lock, repeat the steps above. Some cell phones may require a password to lock your phone. If this is the case, follow the instructions given when you click the keyboard lock menu. Always remember your password by writing it down and storing it in a safe place for easy access in case you forget the password. Your Blackberry cell phone is now protected against unwanted accidental phone calls. You no longer have to worry about losing minutes or having someone hear your personal conversations. Enjoy your Blackberry cell phone.



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