How To Lock Desktop Icons

Learning how to lock desktop icons can prevent the deletion or removal of an important shortcut, file, or program. It can keep your desktop icons from moving around and re-arranging themselves every time you reboot your computer. Desktop rearrangement can also occur when you change your computer’s resolution, whenever the system registers a change in your screen size. Even an external monitor or a remote desktop can trigger this. Although desktops can be temperamental at times, here are a few suggestions for keeping your icons consistent and helping them stay put on the desktop.

Items need to lock desktop icons:

  • Personal computer
  • Windows operating system
  1. Use the recommended computer resolution. Desktop icons can change if your video resolution changes. Check on the recommended resolution for your computer, and make sure your video card can handle it. This may help your computer remember your icon locations and arrangement.
  2. Customize your desktop arrangement. Right-click any open space on your computer’s desktop and select “View.” Uncheck “Auto Arrange” and check “Align To Grid.” Check “Show Desktop Icons.” This should assure that your icons are locked and won’t move around on the desktop when you log on and off or reboot.
  3. Check your desktop customization. If you have already customized your desktop, check to see that you are not telling it to “Auto Arrange.” Uncheck any box that tells the desktop to arrange icons by name, date, or anything else.
  4. Arrange your desktop icons the way you want them to appear. Right-click any open area on the desktop and uncheck “View Desktop Items.” Again, right-click on the desktop. This time, check “View Desktop Items.” Reboot your computer. This method sometimes works to lock desktop icons in place.

If your desktop icons move around a lot and you want to lock them into place, one of the above methods will likely fix the problem. Or contact a technical support person for your computer’s operating system. He or she can walk you through, step-by-step, to a solution.

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