How To Lock Keypad On Nokia 5500 Sport

Learn how to lock the keypad on your Nokia 5500 Sport to prevent accidental and sometimes embarrassing calls to your contacts. By accidentally hitting one of the number keys, followed by the "Call" button, you may inadvertently call someone in your address book. Locking your keypad prevents such an occurrence from happening. When the keypad is locked, pressing the buttons does nothing, until the keypad is unlocked.

  1. Locate the lock button. Examine the front part of your Nokia 5500 Sport. Look beneath the LCD screen on the left-hand side. The small, unmarked button is the left-selection key, also called the left-soft key. This is the button you'll use to lock your keypad.
  2. Press and hold the left-selection key. Hold the button for two to three seconds. When your display screen darkens, and shows a symbol of a key, your Nokia 5500 Sport is locked.
  3. Unlock your Nokia 5500. Press the left-selection key again. You'll notice the term "Unlock" directly above it on the LCD screen. After pressing the key, quickly press the star key (within 1.5 seconds). This brings you to the secret code form.
  4. Enter the secret code using the keypad. The default secret code is "12345." Once you enter it on the keypad, your Nokia 5500 Sport is unlocked. If you've changed the secret code, be sure to input the correct code.

Tip: You can set your Nokia 5500 Sport to automatically lock after a period of inactivity. To do so, press "Menu" and enter the "Security" screen. Select "Autolock Period" to set your custom time. If you wish to deactivate the feature, select "None."


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