How Long After A Tongue Piercing Can You Kiss?

You may be wondering, how long after a tongue piercing can you kiss? Kissing with a tongue ring is an erotic, exciting experience for both parties. Even though your first thought may be to grab your girlfriend and let the extra sensitive kiss explode between the two of you, there is a waiting period you must observe to allow your tongue to fully heal. So how long after a tongue piercing can you kiss? The tongue is the fasting healing part of the body, but it does not heal within hours, so take that into consideration.

It may sound like a long time, but two months is the waiting period between the initial tongue piercing and the kissing action you're craving. This time is to allow the tongue to fully heal around your tongue piercing, allow any swelling to go down and allow time for any infection to be seen. Once the tongue piercing is done, it will take some time to get used to talking, eating or even just sitting with it in, so allow your body to adjust to the new sensation. It is advised to eat soft foods the first two days, then after that to make sure you rinse your mouth after eating so that no food particles get stuck between the tongue and the piercing. Rinse with a warm salt water solution to make sure the tongue and barbell are clean of bacteria to speed up healing.

Once the probation period is over, your tongue is ready for some action. Enjoy exploring the sensitivity that is amplified through a simple kiss. The feeling of the barbell wiggling around and wrestling with another's tongue will have you experiencing a kiss in a whole new light. The sensual touch of kissing is always great, but adding the barbell is like adding a toy to any activity. Take your time kissing with the barbell, finding a rhythm that works best for you and your partner. The only thing to watch out for is if you're kissing someone else with a tongue piercing with a slave ball or ring on top, you could get stuck, so take that into consideration.

The joys of trying out any new toy are different for everyone, so explore your own feelings and reactions. Enjoy the heightened sensitivity throughout your tongue while kissing. You will find kissing is never boring again with the added barbell, so kiss well, and kiss often.


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