How Long Are Boxing Matches?

How long are boxing matches? Amateur boxing and professional boxing rules are slightly different. Amateur boxing matches in the Olympics have three rounds and they last three minutes, but in the ABA (Amateur Boxing Association) they are three rounds that are two minutes in duration.

In professional boxing, there are twelve rounds that are three minutes in duration. Boxing matches used to have fifteen rounds, but this rule was changed after the Ray Mancini-Duu Koo Kim bout that took place on November 13th, 1982. Kim suffered severe brain injuries that took his life and his death resulted in the WBC (World Boxing Council) were the first to change the rounds to twelve instead of fifteen rounds. The WBA and IBF also followed suit in 1987. The WBO (World Boxing Organization) was formed in 1988 and officially set the twelve round rules for every boxing match.

Boxing matches may be stopped before the twelve rounds have elapsed. A boxer can knockout his or her opponent in any given round and the referee may declare a winner. A TKO (Technical Knockout) can also end a boxing match. A TKO means that the referee or the judges do not believe a fighter should continue a match e.g. continuous bleeding or incapacitation. A boxer at any given time can KO (Knockout) their opponent in any round and they can be declare the winner.

Boxing matches are unpredictable, but they are also very exciting to watch. They can last thirty seconds or they could last the whole twelve rounds.

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