How Long Can You Live Without Water

Men can survive without a number of things, but have you ever wondered how long can you live without water?  After oxygen, water comes in next as a necessary item. This is due to a number of reasons including the fact that our body is 60% water, and water plays a major role in the way the human body function.

Unlike food where people can fast for days, it is not possible to take a break from consuming water for a long time. Since, it is a necessity. We are able to live without food longer because our body functions by converting the foods we eat into energy through the metabolism process. When we cease to eat, the metabolism rate decreases, and the body breaks down the food stored such as proteins and fats to create energy. As a result, the stored nutrients aid in the body survival. People are able to live without water three days only if they do not perspire, or cry if the temperature is not too hot or too cold and the person’s ability to remain thirsty.

The reason why water is important is because it is vital for our organs to function. Since, it transports nutrients throughout the body while removing toxins. If your body is unable to replenish waste, your body ceases to exist. Your body eliminates waste in a number of ways including urination, perspiration, feces and tears.

The climate plays a role in the length of time you may survive without water. In colder climate, your body requires more energy to keep your body temperature normal. While in the summer months, you may suffer from dehydration because of the perspiration the body loses. Once someone become dehydrated, the individual undergoes many changes including dry mouth, sunken eyes, elevated heartbeats, vomiting and urine cease, and the body changes its color to a bluish gray color. The body blood pressure drops, and the human body shuts down.

So to answer the question, how long can live you without water? It really depends on the environment as well as the individual. In some cases, death occurs quickly such as when a young child is left in an automobile during summer without water, the body overheats and child dies in a few hours. In a comfortable environment, an adult may survive without water for up to one week. You should never try to do without water because you never know.




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