How Long Do Plastic Kayaks Last?

A question we often wonder about before buying a kayak is how long do plastic kayaks last? Plastic kayaks are made of dense polyethylene, which is a very strong material. Modern plastic kayaks are fantastic. They are durable and easy to take care of. The plastic cannot be eroded by salt water. Furthermore, maintenance of plastic kayaks primarily consist of washing it off after each use. However, like everything else, it has an age limit, and this article is dedicated to telling you how long plastic kayaks last.

  1. Some kayaks last longer than others. Not all kayaks last equally. In general, there are two types of kayaks: the blow-molded and roto-molded kayaks. Blow-molded kayaks are designed to be more resistant to nature. They are sturdier and more resistant to scuffing. Roto-molded kayaks have their own benefits, too. They are light in weight, thus make them much easier to travel with. From a longevity prospective, blow-molded kayaks would last longer.
  2. Maintenance is important in determining how long plastic kayaks do last. When you regularly drag your plastic kayak on the beach or river bed, you tend to wear holes on your kayak. You can fix them while they are still small by using a polyethylene repair kit; but if you fail to fix them, and they grow bigger over time, then they would render your kayak useless.
  3. Plastic kayaks last longest when they are not baked everyday under the sun. UV light is not a friend of plastic kayaks. If your kayak is baked under the sun every day, then over time it may become brittle and cracked.
  4. Plastic kayaks last approximately ten to fifteen years if you use and protect it properly. The life expectancy of plastic kayaks vary greatly depending on your usage.


Buying a cover for your plastic kayak will help it last longer, especially under the sun.


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