How Long Do Sperm Live In Hot Tub?

People have a lot of questions and misconceptions about sperm, including the question "how long do sperm live in a hot tub?" The simple answer to that question is that sperm can not live in a hot tub. There are a few reasons behind why they are not able to live in a hot and survive in that type of environment.

Sperm are released when a male ejaculates.
The average man can release upwards of 300 million sperm at one time. These sperm can survive about three to five days in a warm and moist environment, but they can not live in a hot tub. The perfect environment for the sperm to survive is inside a woman’s vagina. The conditions of a hot tub are nothing like those of a vagina.

A hot tub has extremely hot water and chemicals. The conditions of a hot tub are set up to kill bacteria. The high temperatures and chlorine that are meant to kill the bacteria also kill the sperm. If the sperm were released into warm water with no chemicals the sperm would still only be able to live a few minutes. Sperm are not likely to survive outside of a female’s vagina for a very long period of time.

If a male ejaculates into water it is very unlikely that the woman would get pregnant. If the male ejaculates into a chlorinated hot tub the sperm will die immediately. This is only the case if the male ejaculates in the water. If the sperm are deposited into the woman’s vagina the conditions around her have no bearing on the sperm surviving to cause a pregnancy.

Sperm and Pregnancy FAQs

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