How Long Does Alcohol Stay In Your System

If you're wonder how long alcohol stays in your system, it depends on the amount of alcohol consumed and in some cases the type of alcohol. How long alcohol stays in your system can also depend on how often you drink and over what period of time you ingest a certain amount of drinks. The size of a person can also affect how long the alcohol stays in your system. All of these affect how quickly a person’s blood alcohol content rises but not how long it takes for the alcohol to leave your system. Alcohol leaves your system a certain amount of alcohol during a certain amount of time. .016 of the blood alcohol content will leave your system every hour regardless of gender, height, weight, or metabolism.

A blood alcohol content of .016 will take one hour to process through your system entirely. A blood alcohol content of .05 will take over three hours to process. A blood alcohol content of the legal limit of .08 will take five hours to process out through your system. A blood alcohol content of .16, twice the legal limit, takes ten hours to process through your system. A blood alcohol content of three times the legal limit, .24, takes fifteen hours.

 A smaller male or female’s blood alcohol content will rise much more rapidly then a large male or female’s. This can also be affected by the type of drink, because the amount of actual alcohol in a drink varies. Beer for instance has a lower alcohol content than whiskey or cognac and will move through a person’s system much more quickly then hard liquor. Contrary to popular belief, there is no way to speed up the process of alcohol moving through a person’s system.

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