How Long Does It Take For A Hamstring To Heal?

Wondering how long does it take for a hamstring to heal?  Hamstring muscle injuries may be one of the most common types of injuries among athletes, but how long does it take for a hamstring to heal? Is there anything that the injured person can do to speed up the healing process and when can I return to normal activities again? These are just a few of the questions that many men may have after sustaining a hamstring injury. However, how long it takes for a hamstring to heal will depend on the type of injury, overall health of the individual, and the type of treatment received.

How Long Does It Take For A Hamstring To Heal Without Surgery?

If the injured hamstring can be treated without surgery, the hamstring may heal more quickly. The physician may prescribe various treatments, including physical therapy, applying ice packs, elevation, and other methods used to control swelling and promote healing. Healing time of the hamstring can last for weeks, typically 4-6 but can vary by the injury. During this time, activity is typically restricted which allows for shorter healing time.

How Long Does It Take For A Hamstring To Heal After Surgery?

When surgery is deemed necessary to heal an injured hamstring, healing time can vary significantly. Breakthroughs in technology allow for some procedures to be minimally invasive, which can reduce the healing time. The guidelines for healing time after hamstring surgery is related to the type of the procedure, the individual needs of the patient, and the type of injury. Sometimes, the hamstring can heal just as quickly, if not sooner than it would without surgery.

Questions For the Physician

The patient should ask how long it will take for the injured hamstring to heal in his specific case. It is also a good idea to clarify instructions such as activity restrictions, treatment plans, and what to do should any complications arise. Overall, it can take from a few to several weeks for a hamstring injury to heal but the patient can generally return to his training and activities afterwards.



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