How Long Does Sperm Live Inside A Woman?

How long does sperm live inside a woman? Every guy has wondered this at some point in their lives. This is especially true if you've ever slipped up and had some sort of unprotected sex. There's always a certain level of anxiety after an event like this, and it's natural to wonder how long will the sperm live inside of her. Well, first of all, make sure for the next time that you wrap your little soldier up. That way you wont have to worry about how long sperm lives inside a woman's body, because there won't be any in there. Well guys, there are some good news and some bad news to determining just how long your sperm can survive inside a woman's body. Check it out. Here's how long sperm can live inside a woman's body.

  1. The majority of them. The majority of your sperm is only going to live for a couple of hours. The vagina is built like a fortress for your little intruders. The natural acidity will kill off most of your invaders rather quickly. But, it's not these guys you really need to worry about is it?
  2. Persistent little buggers. The sperm that make it into the cervix are your little super soldiers. These guys, once they pass into the cervix, can live a couple of days. Their whole goal is to make it to that egg.
  3. When her body is accommodating. A certain period during a woman's cycle is actually ideal for the sperm to take a trip. When she's ovulating, her body actually produces a cervical mucus that actually helps your sperm slide on through. Any other time, the sperm lives between three to four days. During her ovulation period, your little guys can survive up to a week. Your best bet in the future is to know your girl's cycle. Better yet, invest in some rubbers and save yourself the added stress. Unless, of course, you guys are trying to get pregnant. In which case, get it going.
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