How Long Is It To Travel From Paris To Normandy, France?

If you're planning a trip in France, you may want to know who long it is to travel from Paris to Normandy, France. The amount of time this will take depends on where you want to go and how you plan to travel.

First decide your ultimate destination. Saint-Malo, a good center-point city in Normandy, is about four hours by car or three hours by train from Paris. To go further into Normandy, say to Saint-Brieuc, plan about five hours by car, or about four by train, depending if a transfer is needed. It's not too long to travel from Paris to Normandy, France.

Despite the longer time, a car provides the freedom to easily get to all of the great places there are to see in Normandy. Taking the A13 motorway from Paris will allow a stop at Giverny. Take the northern route for a stop in Bayeux.

The A11 motorway allows a great opportunity to visit the town of Chartres. Drive time through either city to Saint-Malo is about four hours. Allow closer to five hours to Saint-Brieuc. By car, it’s also possible to get to the Normandy beaches, most well known for the D-Day invasion of the Allies during World War II. If you want to see more sites and have the time to take a car, it's probably worth it even though it will be longer to travel from Paris to Normandy, France by car.

Remember, a car isn’t always necessary, especially if you're on a budget. Trains are very affordable and often faster. The TGV and SNCF, France's two train systems, can greatly reduce the trip from Paris to Normandy.

Beyond taking a direct train ticket, renting a car or a day trip, there are also weekend tour groups which begin in Paris, and combine stops at all of the most popular locations in Normandy. The Normandy region of France offers a ton of places to see, both quaint villages and well-known stops. It's worth how long it is to travel from Paris to Normandy, France. Just a stop at the Normandy beaches, while historic and inspiring, will miss some of the best that France has to offer.


Visiting Giverny

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