How Long Should I Charge A Jet Ski Battery?

There is no set time limit on how long a jet ski battery should be charged before or after usage. However there is a risk of damaging the battery if you charge it too long and depending on the voltage of the battery an explosion could occur. Research on the particular battery should be done by the owner of the jet ski to ensure the battery is being maintained and charged properly. The most efficient way to charge the battery is to do it slowly over a six to eight hour period with an external automatic charging station. Even when using a charging station the life span of the battery itself is difficult to determine because of the number of times the engine is turned on and the exact age of the battery all play a factor in the actual charge.

By charging the battery slowly the electrolytes within the battery can completely charge the plates giving the battery a longer life span. The jet ski battery needs an external charging station unlike other motor vehicles because the battery is only used to turn on the engine which quickly diminishes its power because of the small size. Though the jet ski battery is smaller in size it is designed like other motor vehicles but because there is no consistent charge by an alternator the jet ski battery loses its charge over a period of time when the vehicle’s motor is not being turned on. Whereas other motor vehicle batteries are larger in size and constantly being used and replenished by the alternator giving the battery a consistent charge. Properly charging the jet ski battery can save you money in battery replacement costs.

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