How Long Untill Results From Kegels Are Shown?

How long does it take until results from doing Kegels are shown? It's possible you might have heard of Kegels and what they can do to enhance sexual experiences.  For those who don't know, "Kegel" is the name for the strengthening of the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle that spans from the pubic bone to the tailbone and supports the organs of the pelvis in both men and women. A weak or atrophied PC muscle can lead to medical problems like incontinence because this muscle controls the anal and urinary sphincters. Exercising this muscle can improve a long list of complaints down there, but how long until results from Kegels are shown? The timeframe could depend on why Kegels are being done in the first place, but no matter which affliction, annoyance or desire they're being done for, like any muscle, a workout routine is what's called for. Following these guidelines will help gauge how long until the results from Kegels are shown.

  1. Kegels for Men There isn't a lot of information circulating about Kegel exercises specifically for men, but that's not important. The muscle is essentially the same in both men and women and any Kegel exercise information found for women can be applied to a man's body.
  2. Find Your PC Finding the PC muscle is pretty simple. Since it's responsible for the sphincters that hold everything back when you have to go, you could imagine that you were at Oktoberfest looking for a Porta-Potty. Or alternatively, you could imagine that you're relaxing on Sunday morning after a plateful of french toast, bacon and a huge cup of coffee and you remember that the toilet is stopped up. Imagine yourself in this situation and you will probably feel your PC muscle tightening. Now you're on your way to doing Kegels.
  3. Let's Get Physical Just like any workout routine, immediate results are always the best scenario. However, it's not that easy. Time amount of time until results from Kegels are shown depends on your level of motivation and discipline. Doing one Kegel contraction a day will not give good results. A suggested routine for Kegels (which is just tightening, holding and releasing the PC muscle several times) is to do contractions in sets of ten. Begin with tightening and holding the contraction for just a second or two. Get used to how it feels to isolate that muscle and become familiar with the technique. A suggestion for remembering this workout is to do a few at each red traffic light. (Be sure to come up with a reminder that will work for you.) By doing Kegels at least ten times a day for a couple second each, the exercises will become easier to do.
  4. Squeeze Play At this point, doing Kegels for longer than one or two seconds will strengthen the PC muscle and improve results. Squeeze for up to ten seconds per contraction and do them in sets of ten. The results are individual and based on the effort put into the exercise. Like any muscle-strengthening program, the frequency and the intensity of the exercises will determine how soon the results of Kegel exercises begin to show. And remember, like any muscle, the PC muscle will lose its tone if the exercises are stopped, so think of a reminder to do the Kegels daily and squeeze away!
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