How To Longboard Carve

If you've just recently purchased a longboard, you may want to know how to longboard carve. If you are a longboarder, learning how to carve will benefit you in the long run. Carving is a great way to stop or maintain your speed when going downhill. Carving is one of the basic fundamentals for longboarders because they usually spend a lot more time going downhill than skateboarders do. With practice, carving can be learned in a short amount of time because it is not that difficult to do.

  1. Get to a moderate speed going downhill. Since carving is most effective going downhill, you want to begin longboarding downhill and increase your speed as you start kicking.
  2. Get your body in the correct position. Balance your weight equally on your longboard. Bend your knees into a squat position as low and as comfortable as you can while maintaining your balance. Start shifting your weight by leaning slightly to the right or slightly to the left, depending on which way you want to turn.
  3. Start turning on your longboard. As you get toward the bottom of the hill, turn as sharp, as wide and as hard as you can. The harder you turn, the better the carve.
  4. Stop at the end of a carve. To stop or slow down in a carve, turn sharply and really hard in either direction, depending on what way you feel most comfortable turning. The harder you carve, the faster you will stop. Start all over again and keep practicing until you are comfortable with carving.
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