How To Longboard Dance

Owner's of a longboard may be curious about how to longboard dance. Learning to longboard dance is a rewarding process. Longboard dancing combines the elements of freestyle skating with dance. The results are a fun, impressive looking series of tactics known as the longboard dance. New users of the longboard may find some of these tactics a little difficult to learn, however very rewarding. Read this article, grab your longboard and learn to longboard dance!

  1. Start longboarding. Start by getting a feel for your longboard. Board around regularly. Try some downhill boarding and practice control your longboard. It is important to have a good feel and comfort level before attempting to longboard dance.
  2. Try an easier trick. Try one of the easier longboard dance moves. One of the better moves for beginners learning to longboard dance is "Chop the Wood". Hop on one foot while using the other out in front of you for balance.
  3. Advance to a difficult trick. Advance to a more difficult trick after you have learned some basic tricks to longboard dance. Try something such as "Walk the Plank". Practice carefully walking up and down your longboard while it is moving. Once you master this trick and walk smoothly up and down the longboard, you will find it to be quite impressive.
  4. Continue practicing. Continue to practice the longboard dance tricks you learned. Remember that learning to longboard dance is essentially learning to embrace freestyle boarding. The sky is the limit and you can invent your own tricks. Try to perform regular dance steps on the longboard, after all it is learning to longboard dance.

Additional Tips:

  • Avoid classic skate tricks such as the "Ollie". Learning to longboard dance is about creative, freestyle dancing on the longboard.
  • Practice when the longboard is at slow speeds or still. Once you perfect the move, take it out for a spin. Seeing someone performing a longboard dance is very impressive.
  • Consider more advanced longboard dance tricks such as "The Shanker" and "Cross-stepping".
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