How To Longboard Pump

Want to learn how to longboard pump? The longboard pump is a common skating move, but learning how to master it takes a little practice and time. The longboard pump is a uncomplicated process of stringing moves together to prolong your ride without the use of your foot as a kicker. Learning to pump a longboard will actually be one of the first things you should learn to master. When you are out on a longboard, pumping will enable you to maintain your stride and keep you riding longer then kicking. This article will look at the process of pumping on a longboard. The process of pumping on a longboard is defined below. Learn the art of pumping on a longboard and enjoy a longer and easier ride.

  1. Stretch out and get yourself ready to ride. Longboarding can be a fun recreational activity as well as competitive sport. So, being limber and warmed up is always important. Strap on your gear and get ready to take the longboard for a spin.
  2. Push off and pick up a fair amount of speed. Place both feet on the longboard and position yourself somewhere near the middle of the board. Bend your knees slightly, placing your arms where you best like them for balance.
  3. Begin rocking your feet back and forth. The motion will cause your entire body to move back and forth. This will make the longboard sway on its trucks. This motion will keep the board moving back and forth, keeping momentum and movement. The faster you move the faster the action.



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