How to Longboard Skateboard

If there are any hills or downward slopes near you, you are probably interested in learning how to longboard skateboard. Knowing how to longboard can provide hours of entertainment, not to mention a new means of transportation. Here is everything you need to know about how to longboard skateboard.

You will need to gather these materials:

  • A longboard
  • A hill
  • Courage
  • A pair of gloves (optional)
  1. Find out if you are regular or goofy. This step in learning how to longboard skateboard does not refer to your personality. If you are regular, it means you use your right foot to push yourself when you ride a longboard. If you are goofy, it means you use your left foot to push you. Just do whichever feels more natural. Once you find which foot is more comfortable to push yourself with, it is time to learn how to balance on a longboard.
  2. Stand on the board. When you are riding the board, keep your feet about shoulder width apart. This will help you to balance. Balance plays a big part in learning how to longboard skateboard. When you are riding a longboard, keep your knees slightly bent. This will lower your center of gravity and help to make it easier to balance.  
  3. Learn how to stop. The next step in learning how to longboard skateboard can prevent a lot of pain. There are several ways you can slow down or stop when riding a longboard. The first way is to drag the bottom of the foot you push with on the ground. The extra traction will help slow down your longboard. Another way to stop requires gloves. You turn your longboard sideways as if you were stopping on a snowboard and drag a hand behind you to help maintain balance. This move is called a slide. Another way to stop is to just keep riding until your longboard runs out of momentum and stops on its own. 
  4. Have fun. The last step in learning how to longboard skateboard is to practice. Longboarding is a fun way to get around and the more you do it, the better you'll become.
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