How To Longboard Slide

Wondering how to longboard slide? There are a number of different types of longboard slides; some of the favorites are the toeslide, heelslide and Coleman slide. Longboarders generally agree that the slide is the best way to reduce speed and stop. Slides can be done either by putting you hands on the ground or with your hands in the air; this article will look at several slides where you use your hands on the ground.

 To Longboard slide, you will need:

  • Fundamental skate boarding skills.
  • A longboard with a 36-40 inch deck and wheels with a high durometer rating.
  • Safety Equipment – sliding gloves, a helmet and elbow and knee pads.
  • A smooth surface with a pitch that is free from automobile traffic.


  1. Take a few good pushes because you will need speed to commence the slide.
  2. Go into a crouch position so your knees are close you your chest; the crouch position will allow your wheels to slide easier.
  3. From the crouch position place your hands on the ground to start the slide. Your weight will start to transfer off of your board and onto your hands.
  4. Extend your legs out as if you were going into a push up position.
  5. As your board slides out you will start a 180 degree turn.
  6. Bring your hands back to the board and stand up.

Coleman Slide:

  1. The Coleman slide is named after Cliff Coleman, the skateboarder who developed the technique.
  2. Again, to start you need a few good pushes to develop some speed.
  3. Get into your crouch position.
  4. Place your front hand on the ground behind you; this will transfer some of your weight off your board and onto your hand.
  5. Extend your free arm out.
  6. As you are going into the slide move your legs to the left. (Assuming you are in a counter clockwise slide)
  7. As you are in the 180 degree slide move your legs to the right, grab your board and stand up.

Learning how to longboard slide takes practice. A good way to gear up for sliding is to build proficiency in riding in a crouched position. Remember safety comes first; when boarding wear you protective equipment and bomb in areas clear of car traffic. Go out, get on your board and have fun.

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