How To Look Like Brad Pitt

Knowing how to look like Brad Pitt is not that hard to accomplish. Brad Pitt is one of the sexiest men alive, for a couple of reasons. Confidence is a huge part of why women find Brad Pitt so attractive, but his good looks and sexy style definitely have something to do with it. Keep reading to find out how to look like Brad Pitt.

  1. Facial Hair. To look like Brad Pitt, you must sport some facial hair. Don't be afraid to let it grow long. Brad Pitt has been seen with full on facial hair in the past. Currently, he is clean shaven with a goatee. Woman love the scruffy distinguished look, so let it grow.
  2. Dress Alternative and Preppy. Look like Brad by dressing a little on the rugged side. He has been seen wearing some down to earth clothing. Wear a white T-shirt, blue jeans with holes in the knees, and a beanie hat. His approach to style is very laid back, and women love it. Brad can also clean up nicely when needed. For a night out lose the hat, and dress more on the preppy side. Try a dark sport jacket with a casual shirt underneath, and dark fitted blue jeans to complete the look.
  3. Muscular Body.  Looking like Brad Pitt will require you to get in shape. Brad Pitt is in his 40's, and you would never know it by looking at him. He keeps in good shape with exercise and diet. Lift some weights, and watch the beer belly if you want Brad Pitt's six pack abs.
  4. Full Head of Hair. Let’s face it; Brad Pitt has a full head of hair. You know the kind that women want to run their fingers through. To look like Brad Pitt, let your hair grow mid-length, and style it a little on the messy side.
  5. Confidence. Don't think for a second that women like a weak and cowardly man. If you want to look like Brad Pitt you must possess coolness, and have self-assurance, for women to notice you.  
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