How To Look Like Bradley Cooper

Do you want to know how to look like Bradley Cooper?  Bradley Cooper is a recent addition to the most beautiful people list and for good reason: namely, his is sexy smile and gorgeous blue eyes.  His good looks and easygoing style are easy to incorporate into your own style.  Read on for ideas on how to look like Bradley Cooper.

  1. Smile with your mouth closed.  Look like Bradley by keeping your mouth closed when you smile.  He seems to smile like this more than with his teeth showing.  Bradley has a nice smile that he isn’t afraid to use; showing yours off will encourage more looks in your direction.

  2. Get messy hair.  Bradley Cooper has longer hair that can be styled in a number of ways.  He’s worn his textured, slicked back, and loose.  Longer hair looks good combed straight back or in loose waves.  Start wearing your hair a little bit long and you’ll have no trouble looking like Bradley Cooper. 

  3. If your eyes aren’t blue, buy colored contacts.  Bradley attracts the ladies with those killer blue eyes.  Obtain a set for yourself by purchasing some colored contact lenses.  If you are lucky enough to already have blue eyes you are on your way to looking like Bradley.

  4. Work on your abs.  The man has nice abs and looks great without a shirt.  So hit the gym and get started on those crunches.

  5. Grow some facial hair.  Photos of Bradley Cooper show him with facial hair more often than without.  If you’re aspiring to look like Bradley Cooper, give up the razors for awhile and sport a few days worth of facial hair. 

  6. Be flexible in your clothing options.  Bradley appears in anything from suits to sweats.  Dress up for those formal occasions and opt for casual chic for trips to the gym and you’ll be looking just like Bradley Cooper.

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