How To Look Like Gerard Butler

Learning how to look like Gerard Butler is an attainable skill. Gerard Butler is a talented and famous actor who has dated some of Hollywood's hottest leading ladies (Jennifer Aniston, anyone?). First and foremost, to look like Gerard Butler a man must be comfortable in his own skin. Here are some tips on how to pull off this manly-man's rugged look.

To look like Gerard Butler, you will need:

  • Simple hair style
  • Jewelry
  • Great body
  • Clothes
  • Bronzed body
  1. Hair. To look like Gerard Butler a man must have short dirty blond hair. Gerard doesn’t overdo it with the hair style. Keep it simple and clean cut.
  2. Jewelry. Look like Gerard Butler by wearing some jewelry. Don’t get to flashy with accessories. Wear a simple bracelet and a watch.  
  3. Body. Get in great physical shape. Butler has to be in top physical shape for all the leading roles he plays. When he is exercising for a leading role the workout will be much more vigorous. When he isn’t getting ready for the movie screen he doesn’t exercise every day, but he does try to make it to the gym at least four days a week. He will do an hour of cardio, and follow with weights. Eating healthy is also important to keep a sculpted lean figure. Eat lean proteins, fresh fruits, and vegetables to keep the extra weight off.
  4. Clothes. To look like Gerard Butler you must wear clothes that aren’t to flashy. Casual clothing that is fashionably comfortable best describes his style. Wear jeans that are form fitting, polo shirts, and belts that match the shoes or jacket. In the evening, wear blazers with a dark button up shirt and jeans. Wear jackets that zip up in the front and that don't drop too far below waist length.
  5. Bronzed Body. Butler always seems to have a sun kissed glow. If sun tanning doesn’t fit your style try a sunless spray tan. It’s much safer then exposing skin to harmful sun rays.
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