How To Look Good Naked

Want to know how to look good naked? It's all about self confidence, great lighting and simple techniques which can make anyone look fabulous naked. Being naked is pretty much the most vulnerable a person can be at one time, physically at least. If you have a hard time adjusting to being naked by yourself or in front of someone else, you definitely need to step up your game and find the inner strength. Looking good naked has a lot to do with the way you hold yourself, present yourself, and also the amount of comfortableness you have with being naked.

  1. Get comfortable being naked, around yourself. If you want to look good naked, you must feel comfortable in your own skin. It might feel weird at first, but lock all your doors when no one is home and walk around naked. Get comfortable walking around with the wind on your skin and nothing else. It makes you feel liberated, and it also can help your self confidence. You should also practice being comfortable looking at yourself naked. If you feel weird looking at yourself naked, imagine what vibes you would generate being naked in front of someone else.
  2. Lighting makes all the difference. In certain lighting, anyone can look great naked. Dim light or candle lit atmospheres can makes anyone look good naked. So, if you are planning on getting naked, make sure to dim the lights or light some candles.
  3. Having a tan helps you look good naked. If you want to look good naked, consider getting a tan. This doesn't mean you have to bake for hours in the sun, it means you need to have a glow to your skin. You can buy over the counter tanning lotions that give a tint to your skin without looking orange. These lotions cost about ten bucks, stay on your skin for three to five days and are not harmful to your body.
  4. Looking good naked is also about confidence. This goes hand-in-hand with being comfortable naked. If you feel confident naked, you will look great naked. It's important to remember two things, if you don't have confidence in the way you look neither will others, and secondly, the other person is naked too. It's human nature. Everyone has insecurities about their own body, don't let that overwhelm you.
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