How To Look Good In Skinny Jeans

Want to know how to look good in skinny jeans? Look no further. Skinny jeans are some of the top fashion trends toted by the most elite brands. Heck, you don't even have to be "skinny" to fit into skinny jeans. Nowadays, fashion has garnered so much criticism for its "thin-only" stereotype, and learned to embrace healthy or even overweight individuals who still wish to purchase their products.

Here's a list of things you'll need to look good in skinny jeans:

  • Slim-fit pants (also known as "skinny jeans")
  • Accessories (such as necklaces, watches, or rings)
  • Belt
  • Shirt (anything from long-sleeve to a cut-off will do)
  • You


  1. Find the appropriate size. When it comes to skinny jeans, if there is a size change going on, it's usually going to be in the upper direction. Don't be afraid to buy a size bigger than you normally would. The slim-fit will hug (not only your rear) your calves and upper legs quite tight, so don't be too uncomfortable. Also, be honest with yourself, don't buy a size too small if you know for a fact you can't look good in skinny jeans like that.
  2. Try the chic look. Long, skinny shirts work quite well with slim-fit jeans. Granted, not everyone can work this one out (it requires a certain figure) but it surely looks amazing. A slim shirt and slim pants will make you look both impressively modern and cosmopolitan. EXPRESS and Armani sell tight shirts that will match the trimmed theme you are going for.
  3. Try on a dress-top to go with the skinny jeans. Your slim pants are much more versatile than a simple jeans-and-shirt combo. Even showy, classy dresses can complement the sophisticated look of skinny jeans. Obviously, this step only works for girls.
  4. Work with appropriate slim fashion trends. Think of skinny sweaters, hoodies, and accessories that match the slim-cut style quite well. Tight watches, bracelets, and anklets go quite well with tight clothing. Don't restrict yourself too much. Always have room to breathe.
  5. Compliment your tight jeans with the right shoes. This all depends on what look you are going for. Some people who don slim jeans also choose to wear bigger, and bolder shoes in contrast. Then again, you may choose to go skinny all the way and get some flats. Who knows? After all, it is your style.

The way to look good with skinny jeans follows the same trends as fashion in general, always complement appropriately. While skinny jeans might look stunning, they are nothing without the right shoes, accessories, and look in general. Slim-fit jeans are both for men and women, and can be used in appropriate ways to pull off that look you've been searching for.

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