How To Look Hot For Girls

Lots of guys want to know how to look hot for girls. Though different girls like different things, there are a few pointers that will definitely increase your sex appeal, making you look hotter.

  1. Girls don't like guys that are out of shape. If you want to look hot for girls, you will need to start by toning your body. The easiest way to do this is to jog or cycle for 30 minutes a day and do crunches, squats, and sit-ups for another 30 minutes. You could also join a local gym or buy some exercise equipment, if you prefer. After a couple of weeks, your body will start to develop muscles, and will become well toned, increasing your overall attractiveness. Ensure that you follow a strict workout regimen, and don't overdo it – especially if you never worked out before, as this can be harmful for you.
  2. It goes without saying, if you want to look hotter for girls, you need good hygiene. Girls don't like guys that smell like a dumpster. Shower daily, and use a strong smelling soap or moisturizer. Take care of your teeth, nails, and hair. If you have a cologne that you like, wear it daily. Visit a fancy barber shop and ask them to give you a masculine looking haircut. If you can't afford it, they will probably be more than happy to give you a few free pointers – which you can implement by yourself.
  3. Now that you are well toned and clean, you need to work on your wardrobe. Read mens magazines such as GQ, Esquire or Details – these have dozens of fashion pointers that are 'IN'. Some basic necessities are polo shirts, jeans and sneakers. Keep your clothes clean, and don't wear them too baggy or too tight.
  4. Of course, looking hot for girls doesn't simply revolve around the way you look – it also includes your demeanor. You should have an aura of confidence, but avoid being too arrogant. A good posture will make you look confident, and hereby more attractive. Stand up straight and put your shoulders back when you walk. Smile often, and always think before you speak.
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