How To Look For A Job While Employed

It can be tough to look for another job when you are currently employed. It is definitely something you will need to find time for in your busy work schedule. The tips below are very simple ideas you can use to look for a new job while keeping your current one.

  1. Look for job opportunities online. There are many agencies online that allow job seekers to find jobs that meet their interests. You will need to fax or scan your resume to most of the employers that post offers for employment. This is very easy to do, since their are free resume sites where you can create your own custom-made resume. 
  2. Take a vacation This is what you will tell your current employer, but you have other plans (wink). Use this "vacation" time to look for as many jobs as possible.  While you are employed, your spare time is precious. If you really are serious about finding another job, going on a "staycation" can help provide you more time to devote to your job search.
  3. Look for jobs on your day off. This is a very basic way to do it, but it still works and is probably the most time you will have to actually look for work anyway. Instead of being a couch potato or heading to that sports bar, get online and spend a few hours sending resumes out to jobs on online job boards in your field.
  4. Fax resumes and email employers. You can fax or e-mail potential employers from anywhere even at you current job. Of course, you will need to do it discreetly, but this is an effective way to look for jobs while still employed. 
  5. Call employers during your break at work. Have a list made of all the companies you intend to call the day before. During your break at work, call a few of these jobs to inquire about employment.

The key to looking for a job while still employed is to utilize the little free time that you do have. Have a few spare minutes? Spend it looking for a new job. The more time you put into your search, the more fruitful it will be.

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