How To Look Like Leonardo DiCaprio

How to look like Leonardo DiCaprio will be accomplished if you have style and good looks. Leonardo has been acting for a long time. He was born in Hollywood, California, and started his acting career there. He was known for his boyish good looks, until his big break in the hit movie “Titanic”. This role put him on the map as a leading male actor in Hollywood. Not only does Leonardo DiCaprio have talent and good looks, he speaks out about environmental problems that are affecting the world and global warming.

  1. Ball caps. Leonardo is a huge fan of basketball, especially the Los Angeles Lakers. He represents his team by wearing their ball cap. To look like Leonardo DiCaprio wear this ball cap often.
  2. Facial hair. To look like Leonardo DiCaprio grow a little facial hair. Keep it clean looking and not to scruffy. Leonardo has a mustache, and a goatee.
  3. Keep in shape. Look like Leonardo DiCaprio by staying in shape. No need to go crazy with exercise, but Leonardo rides a bike whenever possible. This is partly because he cares about the environment, but it also helps keep him in shape.
  4. Hair. Leonardo keeps his hair clean cut and short. It’s just long enough so he can style it when he’s in the mood. To get this look use styling mouse and hair spray to keep its hold.
  5. Suits. A classic suit and tie seems to be one of Leonardo’s signature looks. Wear a black jacket and pant suit with a button up shirt with a tie. For a more casual look he wears a blazer and nice button up collared shirt with just the top two button undone.
  6. Confidence. Some men might not think this is very important, but they would be wrong. Self-confidence is one of the most attractive qualities that a woman looks for in a man. Confidence is one of the reasons Leonardo DiCaprio was voted sexist man alive, and is why he is so popular with supermodels.
  7. Sun tan. Leonardo loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking and biking. It’s no wonder that he always has a sun kissed glow. To look like Leonardo DiCaprio, work on that tan. If the outdoors is not for you, try a sunless spray on tan to achieve the same look.
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