How To Look Older

Figuring out how to look older when you are young takes not only a physical makeover but also certain mannerisms and qualities. The appearance of looking older gives you the power of respect and being wise beyond your years. Give the impression you are older using the following step below.

  1. Dress conservatively. Skip the dirty converse, goofy cartoon or offensive T-shirts and opt for a sophisticated appearance to look older. It does not mean to rock a three-piece suit everyday but dress up your jean collection, and match it with a nice buttoned up shirt with cool loafers. It is a nice fresh older look appealing for all ages.
  2. Show sophistication. The biggest part of looking older is having the traits that older people carry. Talk with proper English rather than slang in sentences. Speak about subjects beyond sports, music, women, and video games and of worldly events and social issues. It is important to listen as well to speak to give others the time to chime in. Once you hone in the qualities that will make you appear older, it becomes easier in time.
  3. Hang out with older people. No one saying to hang out with people old enough to your grandparents but befriending someone who is 35 oppose to 23 whom has a lot more experience and wisdom can make a guy look older. When you befriend older people, some of their ways and habits rub on you.
  4. Have a mature face. A clean look is preferred on most young men, but to look older, grow facial hair as it usually add years to the face. Do not forget to get a trim every two to three weeks at the barbershop to avoid looking like a lumberjack. Sporting a beard makes you look maturer as many people will treat you as an older man.
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